Faith Talkers

A sub-group of the OKC TELLERS, this group focuses on the tradition of sharing religious stories drawn from the Bible and personal life for the purposes of encouraging people.
Biblical Storytellers
These are storytellers who draw their stories from the Bible, Old and New, and share them in an authentic, respectful and engaging manner.  The Network of Biblical Storytellers suggests such stories have about a 70% adherence to the written form of the story or narrative and this should serve as a guide. 
Inspirational Storytellers
These are storytellers who find faith, hope, love, redemption, forgiveness and calls to action in the world around them and share those through stories of modern life or personal experience. These share stories that inspire others to find and release 'their better self' and foster a legacy of good and light wherever a person may journey.
This group is hoping to start this year (2014) but will first connect like-minded people in the greater OKC area first.
Storytelling has so many varieties of form.  One of the oldest forms is oral storytelling.    Along with narrative preaching and drama the art of the oral storyteller is a perfect fit for faith based story sharing.

Here are some helpful links for those who want to add some tales of faith to their portfolio as storytellers or worship arts leaders.

Network of Biblical Storytellers

Fellowship of UM in Music and Worship Arts

Christian Story Tellers (Source for training and visiting artists)

Jewish Storytelling (Cultural and religious)

Sacred Storytelling (All traditions; Christian and non-Christian)

Ted Boomershine's video explaining Biblical Storytelling. Ted founded the Network of Biblical Storytellers.

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