OKC Tellers Guild

(Incorporating The Oklahoma Association of Storytellers and the History Performers Association)

This the proposed information to be agreed on in the Fall 2013 meetings.

The purpose of this group will be to a) promote the learning and appreciation of the oral story form, b) promote the use of story as a means of communicating more effectively in a variety of careers and settings, c) provide support, training,  storytelling opportunities throughout the year, d) offer a formal means of improving as a story performer and artist and e) seek to provide advanced artists promotion and exposure.

SPRING - World Storytelling Day (March)
SUMMER- Festivals and workshops
FALL - Festivals, workshops, meetings, and Tellabration (Nov.)
WINTER - Workshops, story swaps

Workshops: Periodically workshops will be offered, an instructor brought in and a, possibly, a small fee paid by students.  Students will receive a certificate on successful completion of such coursework.

Basic Story Arts
Intermediate Story Arts
Advanced Story Arts
Story Arts: Means and Methods
Story Arts: Advance topics
Story Arts: Professional development

Since storytelling is utilized in so many occupations and for a variety of purposes, it is important to recognize and appreciate all the many forms of the art.  As a result, the following will be included in all training events, performance venues, and memberships.

  • Business
  • Religious
  • Education- Secondary
  • Education-Primary
  • Healthcare
  • Musical Story Art
  • Performance and narrative based artists
  • History Interpreters, reenactors, tour guides, etc.
  • Communication and Presentations
  • Listeners and supports

Each monthly meeting will include news of upcoming story related events, a fun mini-training time, and a story swap or a formal workshop segment.  Time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

To help promote storytelling, the organization and related groups an assortment of 'gear' will be available for online purchase.  These will include, but may not be limited to, t-shirts, polo shirts, bags, mugs, caps, etc.

At this time, there will be no dues.   The workshops may include a small fee to cover cost of instructor or materials.

Website and Presence:
A Facebook page (Oklahoma Association of Storytellers), a simple webpage will be used to communicate, promote, and link story artists with the broader Oklahoma and national story art scenes.

Formal Relationships:
* Pending *

  • Oklahoma Territory Tellers (and all its guilds and groups)
  • National Storytelling Network (and Tellabration)
  • Network of Biblical Storytellers
  • History Presenters Association
  • Oklahoma Presenters and Performers
  • Wesley United Methodist Church

Other relationships may emerge for connections to schools, organizations, and community groups.

For information about meeting, events, etc.: marilynahudson@yahoo.com

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